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Everything ABOUT Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance


Many years ago I heard about a retirement income strategy that used life insurance to produce TAX FREE retirement income. I had many questions about how it worked. Ultimately, I took a leap of faith and bought a policy.


Since then, I decided to procure my life insurance license and sell this product. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how to structure Equity Indexed Life Insurance to maximize income for folks in a variety of circumstances and have put that thinking into structuring policies for people.


One thing I have found is that there still is general lack information for folks who are considering this strategy. I get calls from all over the country from people who are either in search of answers to questions on EIULs or have been given an illustration from an agent and want my opinion on it.


Meanwhile, my business continues to grow. Each year I look at the EIULs on the market and make a decision as to which ones I feel comfortable putting people into. There is still a large disparity between the good performing policies and the balance of the offerings.


But even more important than the actual product is the ability of the agent to structure it correctly for each person's particular circumstance. Unfortunately, the growth of people using this product for retirement planning has not turned into a corresponding growth in agents who are willing and able to structure these products in their customers' best interest. You need an agent who has committed to learning the product, experience in structuring it, and willingness to lower his/her commission to the least amount in order to get a properly structured plan.


For these reasons I have designed this website to give people a place to start their education on EIULs. It is my hope that people learn how an EIUL can take its rightful place in their financial plan.


It is impossible to put everything I have learned into a single website. I encourage folks to contact me by e-mail or by phone once they have read through the website and decided that an EIUL might work for them. Together we can structure an EIUL that fits your particular circumstances.












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