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Shafer Wealth Academy:


What works best for creating wealth is to redesign people's financial life with a singular goal in mind of producing enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. We must design this system from the ground up, realizing that it is all interconnected. But it isn't enough to just redesign the system, we must put people in the drivers seat and give them the ability to monitor their progress constantly. In other words you must become an integral part of the system. At the Shafer Wealth Academy we understand it is the human mind that is the key to the system!


You must become an active part of your wealth creating system. There is no choice in this if you expect success. Unfortunately, most people fail to realize the three laws of all systems.

      • All parts of the system are interconnected.

      • You are the key component to the system.

      • When systems are put together piecemeal (one part at a time), the system will reach its limits quickly and will never approach its potential.

As a result of understanding the three laws of systems, at the Shafer Wealth Academy we:

      • Create a wealth building system for you, from the ground up, making sure all the pieces are interconnected;

      • Put you in the driver's seat and make sure you are psychologically prepared;

      • Create monitoring systems, which enables a feedback system, so you can always see how well you are doing; and

      • Teach you how to tweak the system going forward for maximum performance.

Has anyone else done this for you? If your current wealth creating system is not working as best it could it is probably because it was put together piecemeal? At the Shafer Wealth Academy we can help you build a successful wealth system!


How does it work?


First, we document where you are in your wealth building, right now. Then, together we build an individualized wealth plan from the ground up. We create monitoring systems so you can follow your progress. And most importantly, we prepare you psychologically for the task, so you are in the driverís seat of your wealth building plan.


Shafer Wealth Academy and Wealth Coaching privides new direction on growing personal wealth

The process goes like this: educate, coach, implement, and win. The course requires that you spend 2-4 hours a week in the learning mode. You will receive the course material at your home, and be asked to make consistent progress in covering the material. Monthly (or more often if needed) you will have a phone conversation with your wealth coach taking you step-by-step through the process. This phone conversation usually lasts 45 minutes to two hours. Most people are done with the learning mode within 6 months. After the learning mode is finished, your wealth coach will assist you and also hold you accountable for implementing the wealth building plan. When issues prop up you have access to your wealth coach Monday through Friday through the phone or by e-mail. There are no limits to your access, but we insist upon at least one monthly meeting.


You will receive, when you join the Shafer Wealth Academy:

      • All course material delivered to your door and your e-mail account;

      • Review Sheets for each section;

      • Two e-books written by David Shafer, Ph.D.;

      • Instructions and implementation of wealth monitoring;

      • Wealth Coaching for 1 year;

      • Monthly meetings with a wealth coach;

      • Monday- Friday access to your wealth coach (telephone or e-mail);

      • Individualized additional reading/discussion on strategies;

      • Completed individual wealth building plan (built from the ground up);

      • Assistance in implementation of the wealth building plan; and

      • Assembled wealth building team.

The cost is $1,950 or 4 monthly payments of $495. You get the course and one year of wealth coaching to help you through this change. Please fill out the contact form and tell us you are interested in the Shafer Wealth Academy. The Shafer Wealth Academy offers a 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy. Simply let us know and return the course material within the 30 day period. Keep the e-books as our gift to you.


To sign up for our class, please go to our contact page and fill our our short online E-mail form. We will contact you to make arrangements for payment and to schedule our meetings.


Shafer Wealth Academy Course


For those who are do-it-yourselfers you can purchase the course without the wealth coaching attached. Hereís what you receive with this option:

      • You get step-by-step instructions on building the wealth plan;

      • The course material with an outline;

      • Review Sheets with follow-up questions for each section;

      • Instructions on how to monitor your wealth;

      • Extended reading list for those who want more details on any particular strategy;

      • Two e-books written by David Shafer, Ph.D.; and

      • 10% discount on any future wealth coaching up to 12 months total.

All this for only $495. Fill out our online e-mail form telling us where to deliver the course. We will contact you to make arrangements for payment and to check the address for course delivery. The course will be delivered to your front door and your e-mail account. If you have any questions simply fill out the contact form and tell us you are interested in the course and you will be contacted by the Shafer Wealth Academy. Of course you have the same 30 day no-questions-asked refund policy. Simply notify us and return the course material within the 30 days and receive a full refund. Keep the e-books as our gift to you.

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